Contact your representative

It is important that Representatives hear from their constituents. We recommend that you email your Representative a short, polite, and nonpartisan message to support HB 198 and/or oppose SB 61. 

House Bill 198

Dark Sky License Plate

We have helped introduce a dark sky license plate bill that is being considered in the 2021 legislature. It would create a fourth standard issue plate in addition to Ski Utah, Delicate Arch, and In God We Trust.

Please help us support it!

Senate Bill 61

Outdoor Advertising amendments

The “billboard bill” would allow for unlimited video advertising with no brightness restrictions everywhere in the state, over-riding local ordinances. Electronic billboards cannot be shielded, and thus adversely affect the night sky.

Please help us fight this bill!

About the Committee

The mission of the IDA Utah legislative committee is to advance dark sky legislation at the state level, and to facilitate member participation in dark sky advocacy.

Cassidy Jones, Cecily Light, Curtis MacDonald, Anil Seth (chair), Wayne Washer