Check out our list of outreach resources here.

Mission: The Outreach Committee will inspire and educate members of the public about the importance of dark skies through collaborative outreach activities and programs. 


1) Compile a list of outreach resources, speakers, and people who can host star parties and other dark-sky related events. These people and resources can be deployed for outreach requirements for Dark Sky place designation, speaker requests, and other outreach opportunities

2) Pursue engagement opportunities for students of all ages, including Osher institute lunch-and-learn lectures and classes, look into lesson plans created by other IDA chapters, share information to the ISEE (Informal Science Education Enhancement) network

3) Create, or support the creation of IDA-related videos, radio-spots, interviews, and other media opportunities. For example, Clark Planetarium is producing a short video about dark skies/IDA – this could be sent to channel 7 or disseminated in other ways.

4) When appropriate, collaborate with the Legislative Committee to help with outreach when reaching out to legislators

5) Develop in-person outreach events that don’t involve using telescopes or being in close proximity with others. For example, doing sky tours, describing constellations with laser pointers, talking about mythology, etc.